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The river is a path, not an obstacle

Offering various transportation services for pedestrians and cyclists, Navark connects several cycling and pedestrian sites where there was previously no access. Navark is now present in more than 14 cities along the St. Lawrence River.

The river as you have never seen it

With a private island and a fleet of more than 20 boats adapted for excursions, Navark has accumulated, for many years, an expertise in both the maritime and event fields.

Navark Private Island is an urban oasis less than 10 minutes from downtown Montreal. It has everything you need for an extraordinary event.

Sailing, a passion that spans the decades

Navark is proud to have been accompanying you for nearly 20 years in your daily travels as well as for special occasions.


You can count on our young and dynamic team to live the river without moderation.

The river offers you a world of possibilities. Welcome aboard!

Navark wants to make the river more and more accessible with sustainable and ecological means.


1317 hours of sunshine


16 000 hours on average per season


Almost 200 000 passengers in 2022

We are Navark

Each crew member has a unique personality that he or she brings to the group, but they all have something in common: a passion for navigation, a contagious friendliness and, above all, a deep respect for the St. Lawrence River.


When visiting the St. Lawrence River shuttles, you are likely to hear about the islands and the joy of sailing there each season.